The 14th CAEXPO safeguard China-ASEAN Investment&Cooperation

Time: 2017-09-08
The 14th CAEXPO Will Safeguard and Power China-ASEAN Investment and Cooperation

"I believe that ASEAN is the most vibrant, the most promising part of the world economy, and it can present the best opportunity. CAEXPO can better expose us to the great potential of trade in promoting ASEAN economies. 'ASEAN + China' will create many miracles together!" exclaimed Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group, at the Opening Ceremony of the 13th CAEXPO.

Jack Ma is right: China-ASEAN cooperation has delivered continuing "miracles" and "surprises", especially with respect to investment and cooperation. The accumulated two-way investment volume between China and ASEAN exceeded US$183 billion, including US$108 billion from ASEAN countries to China as of May 2017. CAEXPO has played a crucial role in it.

The 14th CAEXPO will meet audiences again during September 12-15 in Nanning, and will continue to safeguard and power the next level of China-ASEAN investment and cooperation.

Pooling Quality Projects in China and ASEAN

Across the Madura Strait in Indonesia spans a 5.4-km long bridge connecting the highly industrialized Surabaya with Madura, an underdeveloped island rich in resource. This is Suramadu Bridge, the longest sea-crossing link in Southeast Asia.


Reputed as the "Pride of Indonesia", the Suramadu Bridge was built with Chinese design, standards and codes and funded by preferential loan from the Chinese Government. The project, it should be noted, was agreed between CRBC and the Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia exactly at the CAEXPO, setting a successful example for Chinese enterprises to go out via CAEXPO.

In addition, China and Malaysia have entered into cooperation agreements on China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, an innovative "Dual Parks in Two Countries" model for international cooperation; China International Water & Electric Corporation and Electricite du Laos agreed on Nam Ngiep 2 Hydropower Project...All these successful projects say the best of CAEXPO's facilitation of China-ASEAN investment and cooperation.

Each year, CAEXPO would set an investment and cooperation area that brings together quality projects from China, ASEAN countries, and the rest of the world. It creates a unique, critical platform and channel for China-ASEAN countries to seek intensive communication and cooperation, and to explore China-ASEAN markets and even the global market.


Data shows that the previous 13 editions of CAEXPO have drawn together 38,000+ domestic/foreign investment projects, and facilitated nearly US$130 billion investment between the two sides. In particular, the 13th CAEXPO has held 57 events on investment promotion, on which agreements were signed for 81 international and 147 domestic projects, furthering China-ASEAN partnership in such fields as harbor cooperation, navigation construction, e-commerce, modern agriculture, trade, and logistics.

The investment and cooperation area, set again at the 14th CAEXPO, will include two exhibition zones respectively on international economy and capacity cooperation and agricultural cooperation. They will focus on displaying China-ASEAN superior projects in international capacity and achievements in agricultural cooperation, and take China-ASEAN investment and cooperation to the next level.

Next Chapter of China-ASEAN International Capacity Cooperation

International capacity cooperation attracts the most attention in building the "Belt and Road". Accelerating China-ASEAN international capacity cooperation requires a powerful driver, and CAEXPO appears timely to undertake the mission.


In 2015, the 12th CAEXPO first included international capacity cooperation in the investment and cooperation area. A series of events were held at the exposition, with 34 cooperative agreements signed. The 13th CAEXPO kept up the trend to present an even more systematic, professional, and massive exhibition on international economy and production capacity cooperation, which naturally facilitated more join-hands and project implementation in this field. It also laid a solid groundwork for building CAEXPO into a platform of policy interpretation, industrial connection, and information service for the production capacity cooperation among China, ASEAN countries, and countries along the Maritime Silk Road.

By far, over 700 enterprises have entered, via CAEXPO, the ASEAN markets for a win-win cooperation by leveraging respective superior capacities. "Golden Exhibitor" China Southern Power Grid (CSG) stands out in this respect. Showing at CAEXPO for years, CSG have reaped fruitful results in electricity cooperation with ASEAN countries, including grid interconnection with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar and "going out" of China's electric power technologies, equipment, and construction solutions.


China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. (CNMC), a chief strategic partner of CAEXPO for years, also delivers amazing results in economic and trade cooperation. The Tagaung Taung Nickel Mine invested by CNMC at CAEXPO has become the biggest mineral cooperation project between China and Myanmar, in which China has invested more than US&850 million and created 1,500 local jobs. "We must thank CAEXPO to power our investment in and cooperation with ASEAN for 'win-win" or even 'all-win'", said CNMC officials.

The 14th CAEXPO will even optimize the exhibition of international capacity cooperation, mainly displaying mainly cooperation in fields like infrastructure construction, international project contracting, energy and environmental protection, resource development, railway, non-ferrous metals, electricity, construction material, and engineering machineries. The Ministry of Science and Technology will gather together leading research institutes and technology companies to show off China's high-tech achievements.

Of particular note is that CAEXPO will hold a series of major conferences, including China-Cambodia Capacity and Investment Cooperation Forum, China-Philippines Capacity and Investment Cooperation Forum, China-Vietnam Capacity Cooperation Promotion Conference, and Round-table Conference on Lancang-Mekong National Capacity Cooperation, to further the quality and impact of International Economy and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition. In addition, CAEXPO will vigorously promote the signing of capacity cooperation agreements with global impact and drive the building of a well-functioning international capacity cooperation mechanism.

Fueling A New Round of Upgrade for China-ASEAN Investment and Cooperation


Rich Matchmaking Events. CAEXPO will arrange over 80 events of economic and trade cooperation matchmaking this year to bring more quality projects and opportunities for China-ASEAN cooperation and investment. These events include China-ASEAN Infrastructure Cooperation Forum, Exchange between Trade Counsellor of Chinese Embassies in ASEAN Countries and Entrepreneurs, Forum on Finance-Supported Enterprises Investment in ASEAN, Investment and Financing Project Matchmaking Conference, Investment Promotion Conference for ASEAN Countries, International Buyers Partnering Conference, and China-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation Year Conference.

Targeted Topic Discussion. More than 10 professional forums will be held at the 14th CAEXPO, covering fields like food processing and packaging machinery, electrical equipment, building material, engineering machinery, and environmental protection. Authoritative experts, officials from competent departments, representative of industry associations, and enterprise leaders will be invited to discuss the current development and future trend of the industry, and explore its latest frontier.

Fine Matchmaking of Trade and Investment. Professional audience can enjoy customized service package at the 14th CAEXPO, including information consulting, business matchmaking, cooperation negotiating, and inspection supporting. Cooperation matchmaking conferences will be provided to exhibitors and buyers for even finer matchmaking of trade and investment via spot matchmaking, hall visiting, booth matchmaking, and special site arranging.

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