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Time: 2017-08-14
Belt and Road Forum for InternationalCooperation has been held on May 15th, 2017. We President Xi Jinping of thePeople’s Republic of China made his keynote presentations entitled ‘JointlyShoulder Responsibility of Our Times, Promote Global Growth’ and it got theattention of people from all walks of the whole world and cause a hot debate.

Withsuperior geographical position, relatively safe and stable political andeconomic environment, open market conditions and potential market capacity ASEAN is  the top priority of Beltand Road Cooperation. And then Thailand geographically locates in the heart ofASEAN and its economic strength and influence are second to none.

APPPEXPOThailand will be held at IMPACT, Bangkok, Thailand from November 9-12, 2017. 

Themost popular products in Thailand market 

·  InkjetPrinting Machine and Materials

·  DigitalTextile Printing Machine and Materials

·  CuttingMachines

·  POP,Commercial Facility  

·  LEDlighting 

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