What is Asepic Fino?

What is Aseptic Fino?

The pouch shape fulfils basic consumer requirements of safety and hygiene at a very low cost. The package is available in 500ml making it possible for the consumer to drink directly from the package. This makes it possible to bring the concept of on-the-go consumption to new markets, increasing the visibility of the brand.

Aseptic Fino is an aseptic package specially designed to pack milk. A combination of multi-layered packaging material and a sealing system based on induction and hot air means the package can withstand tough conditions during distribution and handling over an extended period of time. It has the following advantages

Flexo printing provides a range of printing possibilities and the Aseptic Fino  package has ideal surfaces for printing information to the Consumer.

the low cost aseptic system for milk 

low investment for a complete UHT processing and aseptic filling system for dairies.

traffic creating item for distributors and outlet owners.

access to safe, hygienic, tamper evident milk to consumers.

Technology :

Aseptic Therm is the most common direct UHT plant on the market. It is mainly used for premium products. For white milk, as an example, it works as follow: The milk is first pre-heated in a plate or tubular heat exchanger to 80 °C. By live steam injection into the milk, its temperature is instantly raised to 140 °C. The product is kept at this temperature for about 4 seconds. When entering a vacuum vessel, the milk temperature is instantly lowered to 81 °C and the same quantity of water, as added as steam, is flashed off. The milk is then homogenized and regeneratively cooled to 20 °C before being aseptically packaged. Further information about Aseptic Pak UHT modules can be found in Production solutions, Processing, Dairy, Products, Ambient milk.  It has a shelf life of 120 days from manufacturing date. But when cut open it shall be used within the same day for better usage.


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